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Feeling lazy? Tips to move or exercise in times of Corona

I will be the first to admit that I dearly miss the gym, not only because I felt comfortable there, but also because being there made me happy, I loved seeing friends and familiar faces, and I was motivated when surrounded by others who are exercising alongside me or in a class with me.

The overall shut-down due to the Corona Virus has presented everyone with enormous challenges – social, mental, economic, health, emotional and the list goes on. Each of us have different struggles, new emotions, good days and bad days. Especially during times of uncertainty, fear, negative news and significant change to our normal daily lives, our usual balance and motivation can be sidetracked.

While I generally love to move, walk and exercise and have struggled to sit still since being home alone all the time, pushing myself to properly exercise or on some days leave the apartment for fresh air does not always come easy. As a Health Coach, I have a toolbox of options ready and know where to find motivation, inspiration and discipline.

Here are are some of my top tips

  1. Don’t focus on exercising, just on moving your body: Cleaning, dancing, walking stairs, anything.

  2. Give yourself a task: - Bring one item at a time down to the basement and walk back up, 2 stairs at a time if you can - Take empty glass, plastic and cans to the second or third-farthest recycling area - Walk to the grocery store, even if for one item - Tell friends / family you will call back once you are outside walking

  3. Put on loud music and dance

  4. Commit to exercising for only 15 minutes: Starting is the hardest part, but once you are in your work-out clothes and moving, the endorphins start kicking in. Also, 15 minutes is better than nothing so, especially in these times, perhaps set the bar a little lower to ensure you boost the positive spirit. Well done, whatever you do!

  5. For a proper work-out, if you wish to do so: - Schedule it: Put it in your agenda and make it visible - Plan it: Be clear on what you will do and for how long; select the exercise video, determine the distance and path you will run, etc. - Prepare: The evening before, lay out the clothes you need and any other equipment - For extra commitment, tell a co-worker, friend or family member when you will be doing what. Knowing they might ask us, may give that extra boost of inspiration.

  6. Do exercises you enjoy: I tried the popular HIIT trainings and running and I still really dislike both. I much prefer a yoga session, power walking outside, dancing, pilates, exercises using my body weight, or similar. Sometimes I start a video and then want to do something else, that's fine too. Just keep moving and be creative if you feel like it!

  7. Always remind yourself how good you feel after you have moved, exercised or gotten things done (including the intensive cleaning)

  8. Agree to meet a friend to exercise or walk outside, allowing you to maintain social distancing

  9. If you have neighbors with dogs, offer to take them for a walk 1-2-3 times per week

  10. Be honest with yourself! Don't cheat yourself, blame the weather or fool yourself into thinking you need equipment. I have a yoga mat and that's all. Jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, other body weight exercises, walking, even toning exercising do not necessarily require anything. You can always order equipment, but in the meantime there is a lot that can be done and google/youtube are great resources to find home work-outs without equipment, beginner work-outs, or more specific classes.

Here are some of my favorite free work-out videos:

As a Health Coach, physical activity is only one of the pillars to be considered in overall health. It goes hand in hand with nutrition, relationships, mindset and career to only name a few. Physical activity is as individual as nutrition is. If you would like to find out more about what you can do, why, or how, get in touch for a free 30-minute discovery call or visit my website for more information.



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