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I support individuals and groups in making nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve their mental, physical, social and emotional health for a happier and more successful personal and professional life.

The way you eat, work, think, socialize and move are closely interrelated. The key to unlocking your full potential may not be where you are looking or where your pain points are, which is why I take a holistic approach to support you:



Your life’s work, the purpose and meaning you have chosen to add to the world.
We spend more time in our job than with our loved ones and rely on it for our income, therefore it cannot be separated from health nor wealth. 

  • Motivation

  • Relationships

  • Mindset

  • Physical activity

  • Stress

  • Sleep

  • Habits

You are what you eat = what you eat and drink becomes your blood, cells, hair, skin, emotions, behavior, etc.

Food is about the individual, not the theory. 



solid and liquid



The more balanced you are in your career and lifestyle, the less you rely on food as your main source of nourishment. Food is often a substitute for connection or a compensation for what is lacking in our lives. The more you escape to it, the less receptive you are to nourishment from your life, which is what feeds your soul and gives you the required balance to nourish yourself with food in a healthy manner.

A key concept I work with is bio-individuality: Each person is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. My coaching is tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle, personal preferences and background.


  • Together we will dig deeper into the symptoms and pain points you want to focus on and set clear goals you wish to accomplish. 

  • Subsequently we will uncover which habits, mental blocks and causes are getting in your way to achieving your defined goals and which simple, personalized actions you can take to achieve those.

  • I help you develop self-awareness around your inner workings (likes, dislikes, habits, stories, beliefs) that guide your motivation and decisions.

  • We explore new ways of cooking, eating, and thinking about food and body for better health.

  • We focus on the why instead of the what, the cause instead of the symptom.

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

  • Nutrition basics 

  • Optimizing your overall health and wellbeing

  • Forming a healthy mindset and habits, including addressing an all-or-nothing mentality, addictive behavior or perfectionism

  • Self-esteem / body image

  • Recurring health issues (pain, regular inflammations, hormonal or skin problems which have been cleared as non-threatening by medical practitioners) See my blog for my personal story >>

What differentiates me, is that I understand your world, because I have been a corporate professional for over 15 years. Furthermore, I not only studied, but also tackled the challenges and opportunities I can support you with, including:

  • Work-life-health balance

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Sleep

  • Hormonal health  

  • Energy 

  • Food habits incl. disordered eating, cravings and food choices (esp. in a high-stress, corporate environment)

  • Sustainable weight management   

  • Enhancing personal and professional fulfilment 




Individual coaching sessions (50 min)

  • A comprehensive health history to define the status quo and clarify your needs, goals and preferences

  • Ad-hoc follow-up sessions

3 or 6 month program

  • A comprehensive 60-minute health history to define the status quo and clarify your needs, goals and preferences

  • Two 50-minute coaching sessions per month with 1-3 feasible actions to work on between sessions

  • E-mail support between sessions

  • Motivational messages between sessions to keep you accountable

Additional services

  • Tailor-made programs (session length, program duration, support intensity such as SMS/phone support between sessions, etc.)

  • Group coaching (ideal for 2-4 friends with similar concerns)

  • Workshops 

  • Presentations

  • Grocery store tour to help you navigate the world of options

Still not sure? 

Think about how much time and money you have spent buying things you don't need, going on vacation to recover from or escape your life, drinking or eating too much in hopes of forgetting, obsessing over work, relationships, social media, travel, diets or trends, yet always feeling like you are missing something, continuously searching for an answer, chasing after the next best thing in order to feel satisfied? 

Imagine being supported to invest some time and effort into being, feeling and looking your best? I am here to help.

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