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When the world seems to be against you....

You know the feeling when nothing seems to be working out or perhaps one thing you really want is not working out and suddenly your entire world seems to be shaded in gray?

I have had many days like this and regardless of how much I know, learn, how far I have come or how hard I try to put a smile on my face, such days show up occasionally.

What has helped me in the last two years, it to ask myself a simple question:

Why is this happening “for” me?

Correct, not why is this happening “to” me.

You wonder why? It takes me out of the negative pity-spiral, I go from being a victim of the situation to feeling empowered to consider new perspectives, it gives me a sense of control and responsibility. I don’t have to like the situation, but by asking and learning how it could possibly be supporting me on my journey, I will surely move out of it faster than if I wallow in the depths of negativity.

As a certified, holistic Health Coach I support individuals and groups in making nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve their mental, physical, social and emotional health for a happier and more successful personal and professional life.



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